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After getting my Kinesiology degree from Western University, I found myself in the midst of an identity crisis. From a young age, I knew that following a path where I could help others felt most aligned with my purpose, but I struggled to envision what exactly this path looked like. Due to my propensity for colouring outside the lines, my passion for health and fitness, and my keen interest in scientific research, I ultimately landed on Naturopathic Medicine! I jumped into the four-year program only two months after discovering the field, completed my Doctor of Naturopathy at CCNM, and never looked back.

I have dealt with anxiety and ADHD my entire life and yet I had never before felt heard in the healthcare setting. I’ve always been the type of person that has 93,842 more things on my plate than I can realistically handle. This combined with my resistance to ever slowing down, almost always led to cycles of overwhelm and burnout. I knew that the pills I was being offered weren’t going to provide the level of mental transformation I was looking for. I wanted to feel calm, but energized, and on top of my sh*t for once in my life! I deserved better than a quick-fix and so do you!

Nowadays I’ve focused my career in where my passion lies, mental health. Doing so, enables me to continue to learn and grow mentally while also helping like-minded individuals do the same. I take a unique approach to providing evidence-based naturopathic care in a relaxed setting, free of doctor’s office vibes. My mission is to provide a safe space where you can feel heard, understood, and empowered to take back control of your life!

Outside of being an ND, I love lifting weights, playing the drums, going to punk concerts, and hanging with my furry friend Dobby!

Feeling ready to start your healing journey? Let’s chat!  Together we can unlock your potential to be both the badass high-achiever you are, and in control of your mental health!

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