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Struggling with ADHD as an adult?I offer evidence-based naturopathic support so you can embrace your unique (and awesome!) brain—and take back control of your life!

Dealing with ADHD can feel beyond frustrating, like trying to put together an Ikea bookshelf with instructions in the wrong language and half of the steps missing! Despite your best efforts, you’re left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated that the seemingly simple end goal feels forever out of reach. Your self-esteem takes an unfair hit, but you’re not the problem, the instruction manual is the problem.

What if I told you that it’s possible to create an instruction manual aligned with your uniquely awesome brain? To implement strategies not just to improve focus, but to to reduce the chronic overwhelm, energy fluctuations, and the emotional rollercoaster. Whether you have ADHD or other mental health concerns, it’s time to finally find balance in the chaos and unlock your full potential!

Hi I'm Dr. Alicia .

If you have ADHD, you've probably experienced the wonders and challenges of an interest-driven nervous system. I had already loved working with mental health, but after getting diagnosed with ADHD in my late 20s, I became obsessed with learning absolutely everything there is to know about the condition that explains so much of my life. It’s my mission to put this knowledge to good use and provide an option for ADHD management that goes beyond medication and advice from TikTok. Whether or not you're taking medication, it’s only one tool and we have access to an entire hardware store to build your perfect toolbox.

My experience working in research throughout my Kinesiology undergrad, and my wide scope of practice as a Naturopathic Doctor gives me the opportunity to bring a unique, evidence-based approach to building your custom toolbox. Naturopathic medical school provided the knowledge base of a general practitioner, so I am still confident in navigating a wide variety of health concerns. Mental health and ADHD are just where my passion lies!

I’ve never liked the intimidating doctor’s office vibe myself, so I do my best to provide a safe, relaxed, space where you can feel comfortable opening up and confident that your health plan is in alignment with what you’re looking for. Outside of being an ND, I love lifting weights, playing the drums, going to pop-punk concerts, and hanging with my furry friend Dobby!

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Ready to start working WITH your brain instead of against it?

Ready to start working WITH your brain instead of against it?

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